Malware & Virus Removal

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Sometimes the best offense is a great defense and that goes for Virus Protection.  In an ideal world, you would not have viruses, spyware, malware or any other glitches on your computer, phone or tablet.  Unfortunately we live in the real world where all of that nasty stuff exists and thrives.  Every day, fortune 500 businesses are under constant attack and news worthy headlines have us worrying if we recently used a credit card with the latest data breach victim.  What can small business or individuals do to protect themselves.  Things happen.   Aunt Betty’s email got hacked and you already clicked on the link you thought she sent you.  So now what????  Pop-ups, computer slows down, FBI warning flashing on your screen and ever increasing spam.  And that’s when you realize that renewing Antivirus Software may have been a good ideal….last year.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE!windows_7_compatible_antivirus_software

Not to many infections can withstand a formatted hard drive or a PC factory reset, and sometimes it comes to that.  But what about all of your work documents, songs, music, photos of the kids?  “I never got around to buying that backup drive”.  At Aldrich Consulting Services, we know its not just the equipment, its all about the data.  Our initial recovery steps always involve a data backup of some sort.  We believe it is vital to at least have virus infected data than no data at all.  We use a variety of methods and tool onsite, remotely and as a last resort, offsite, to identify and cleanse your system of the malware preventing you from doing what you need to do PERIOD.

And after you are fully restored, we discuss options you can take to reduce the chance of repeat occurrences and backup option that would make restoration less stressful.

As for Macs, they do not get PC viruses, they get Mac Viruses!