Installation Services

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Fast, dependable

For each product that Aldrich Consulting Services, Inc. installs, we follow a lockstep methodology which involves discrete deliverables, documentation, checklists, best practices information and product specific tools. This methodology enables consistent, high quality installations. The phases of the Installation Services methodology include:

  • Site Evaluation
  • Specification Review (Equipment, Application, etc)
  • Installation Planning
  • Statement of Installation
  • Systems Backup*
  • Installation & Customization of Hardware and Software
  • Installation Verification Testing and System Turnover

The deliverables for each of these phases will differ depending on the system type being installed, as will documentation, checklists, best practices and tools. For complete description, including customer responsibilities, contact us.

Key benefits include:installation-services

Cost-effective solution lets you take advantage of our installation expertise while your staff stays focused on what they know best.

Proven installation methodology enables consistent, high quality installations that provide the foundation for system reliability, availability and serviceability.

Enhanced system stability and performance with the latest patches and updates.